New for the new season Fortnite you should know

Novelties for the new season Fortnite

If you're wondering what's new for the ne

w season Fortnite, and no one seems to have a clear answer, we're cracking color to tell you that you came to the right article.

Meet the new costumes, weapons, map and exclusivity steps that Epic Games has decided to launch.

The new season is already a fact Fortnite
For those who have clicked on this particular article to find out when would be the release date, we are pleased to tell you that it's official, the new season of Fortnite is now available from its launch was scheduled for last December 02 2021.

We are therefore talking about season 5 Chapter 2 Fortnite, developers that Epic load games have preferred to be called as Punto Cero, and they charged more news than you can imagine.

This time since we learned that a new debut season for the most famous battle royal in the world, and saw the first promotional images, which could not take his eyes of an odd ball, apparently energy now on the map. Ready to find out what is it?

December 1, 2020 Fortnite decided to end its fourth season with Galactus event, something very spectacular. But what everyone will talk about today is how big can become this season.

A season full of new faces
For leather lovers, we have the excellent noticas. And with the arrival of this new season we will see new Fortnite characters, as in the case of a Jones agent and hunters the same size as other realities.

It is also interesting to note that one of the new characters that has aroused the interest of the public is the Mandalorian, which belongs to a series of Disney + that has become popular in recent weeks to be in the Star Wars universe. So certainly there was a lot to expect.

If you are wondering what are these new characters for you to play with them to know that you will be offered as whole skin, so you have the ability to obtain and surprise your opponents on the battlefield with them easily.

How to purchase new characters Fortnite?
We all know that when a new skin for Fortnite should be aware of what we need to do to achieve it. Because in case of collaborations with other brands, almost always we have to buy them in some way.

The payment of these new characters can only be made in gold bullion, and this is a currency that can be as long as the player is available to complete the various missions of the game, to eliminate your opponents, or some hidden behind escort the map .

But this single currency is not designed so that it can be used in the new characters from now. As you can also invest in improvements in weapons, information and other services that only seek to improve the game experience.

The island changes are a reality in the new season of Fortnite
If there is something the players would have taken a lot of affection is the island that has helped countless battlefield epic encounters. But Epic Games we knew we could soon start to get bored.

For the new season Fortnite you can see a change on the island, mainly because the update can enjoy the integration of a desert area that had never seen before, which can be defined by fans as "the disaster of origin."

When you are a hunter of all these changes will also give you the opportunity to help the other characters that have been integrated to the island. What no doubt will give a different flavor than it had been the gaming experience to date.

The way you can access this new world of possibilities is through the missions that have been integrated in the game. You can also negotiate to get the information you need, or sign contracts with partners to serve as an advantage when you need reinforcements immediately.

The weapons also enter the DUP
Within this amazing battle royale we all have a weapon that is what we prefer to use in our meetings. However, you can stimulate your space at the top to give a chance to some new releases that promise to blow your mind ... or your enemies.

New weapons in Fortnite has arrived, and these are exemplary, as is the case of the rifle or sniper rifle Dragon Breath of Mandalorian Amban. Try to get as soon as possible because it is certain that your opponents can not wait to test them against you.

It is important to know that throughout this season back in terms of weapons and skins, keep coming. And they intend to keep constantly updated game never to be the same. Look.

The new season, a new exclusive passage
We all know that the battle is still in the game, and that is that Epic Games usually throw them so that players can choose to earn rewards that not all users can see. At least not if you do not have these tickets.

Also, for the first time, you can access the Battle of passage through the Fortnite Club subscription service. This comes at a price of 11.99 euros. So, no doubt, will offer better whole'd take soon will not be the last one before the other.